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“The £33m Macquarie Project presented a number of challenges for Overbury and our supply chain.
The preconstruction design and procurement period was extremely short with limited design information available from the Design Team.
We had little time to design, co-ordinate and procure systems prior to starting on site therefore services Subcontractors were selected on design capability, previous track record and attitude.

We had used the Bancroft team on previous projects in the building such as Bank of Tokyo and MUSI and knew that they had all of the qualities that we needed to make the Macquarie Project a success.

The team was headed up by Director, Barry Martin who was personally involved in site Principals meetings and Project Director Gary Lowings with Delivery Managers allocated geographically throughout the Project.

On site CAD resource was employed to minimise the time taken for transfer of information and red pen sessions held with the site based Consultant engineers ensured that design was approved and implemented in the shortest period of time.
Tight deadlines for the installation of the infrastructure meant that a day by day programme and 24 /7 working were employed by Gary`s team to de-risk these key milestones and deliver them successfully.

Overbury were employed under a novel “Alliance” form of contract which meant that budgets had to be managed proactively.
Bancroft assisted greatly in this respect in utilising their buying department to offer for instance, alternative light fittings which met the Clients spend expectations and helped maintain budgets.

The Project close out was swift and well implemented by Bancroft.
Dedicated Quality Managers were employed to proactively drive out snagging prior to offer to Overbury.
The Project was handed over snag free on time and within budget.

Our Client, Macquarie were delighted with their new London home and the Project was nominated for a prestigious BCO award.
The Bancroft team played an integral and important part in delivering this success.”

Steve Osmond – Contracts Manager