Company History

Bancroft Limited commenced trading in January 1996 as a specialist Mechanical, Electrical and Public Health Services Contractor. Our installation services cover a wide range of building services installation, including fast track office Fit – Out, Refurbishment, Shell and Core and Commercial New Build.
Our Business started employing a total of 20 members of staff and working on Projects of a value between £100,000 and £1 million. Our vision to provide a fully comprehensive Building Services solution was the same back then as it is now employing skilled staff in all disciplines and departments that we have to offer now, albeit our Business was much smaller in those days.
Since we commenced trading our company has seen a steady growth in turnover and an expansion of the services we offer. Over the years we have developed and structured a skill set which allows us to offer complete & competent Project Teams providing management staff with engineering and technical back up to meet the needs of our Clients.
Currently Bancroft employs in excess of 100 staff based at our Head Office in Ilford and various sites within the City of London, West End and South East of England. We offer experience site based teams, which include Site Managers, Project Engineers, Trade Foreman, Commissioning Managers, Surveyors, Designers, Logistic Managers, Health & Safety Managers and CAD Co-ordination staff.

About Us

Bancroft is a Mechanical and Electrical Design Specialist Company capable of offering competitive quotation and an excellent Installation Service from Specifications and Drawings prepared by others or on a Design & Build basis.
The Business predominantly trades in the fast track fit – out and Refurbishment market which represents approximately 60-65% of our turnover. The balance of our turnover is derived from new build commercial developments, Health, Leisure, Hotel and Education Projects.
Our entire staff is directly employed by the Company, and all services are managed in-house.
We carefully manage our supply chain, partnering with many domestic sub-contractors and ensuring that they follow our installation methods, Health & Safety and quality plans when working on Bancroft Projects.
Bancroft is financed by the way or retained profit and currently does not require the use of any third party financing from banks or financial institutions.

The Reasons You Should Choose Bancroft

Bancroft is a leading Mechanical and Electrical Services Installation Company within London and the South East of England that provides a high standard to ensure a complete Project delivery. We are able to offer Services on multi-disciplined or single disciplined duty at equal strength as we have no lead discipline and can truly offer a full M&E solution.
We are passionate about our Business which has earned us long standing Client relationships which has lead us to a high level of repeat business.
We are a company who thrive on delivering a successful Project and achieving Client satisfaction by keeping to deadlines within budget.
We are proud to be one of the first companies employing a Health & Safety Director, who is a full Board member of Bancroft, thereby having the ability to introduce and implement major change in the business in order to maintain our impeccable Health & Safety track record.
Our in-house Design ability allows us to offer a Design and Build solution from performance specifications and concept drawings prepared by professional consulting engineers as an in house activity. Our design department can also provide a valuable service to the professional consulting engineer in the contractors design development of the installation itself. This ensures that the designer’s intentions and calculations are incorporated correctly into the final installation. Any deviation through spatial coordination and the like, will be communicated to the designer for modification of the design if deemed necessary. Our Design Department is also utilised for the contractors design proportion of each installation (CDP), hence fulfilling the installers responsibility in the design process.
Our experience over the years has led us to develop an ability to manage Client change efficiently and cost effectively. We understand that despite careful pre-planning and design prior to the Project commencing, there is sometimes change necessary to the Installation during the Construction period due to modification or addition to the Clients requirements.
We are a proactive Business interested primarily in Client satisfaction and quality of installation. Whilst efficient in our procedures, we have a non-adversarial approach to and are always striving to improve our Client relationships. Our approach to commercial is to ensure that our Client is up to date at all times with any change to the cost of the installation by way of regular reporting to the Professional Team (normally via the Principal Contractor), thus avoiding any last minute surprises relating to cost, which could otherwise create delays in the final account process.

Our Vision for the Future

Our vision for the future is to continue to provide a turnkey M&E solution using our in-house technical expertise and experienced management staff. We will also progress the company into a diversification of work within the M&E industry looking for future opportunities in new Build Shell and Core and other services within the industry.
We will also be looking at smaller works packages and providing a service to the end user Clients to facilitate department moves and changes within their Businesses. This will require a dedicated division which we intend to place into operation following the completion of our research into this particular market.
In the past we have carried out a number of more complicated technical Projects including data centres, plant replacement and services for end user clients who require special services and support services in order to run their business. This again is a diversification of our core business and will involve the introduction of a separate division or group company in order to provide the attention to detail and delivery that this work demands.
We also have plans for the introduction of a division to provide a service for IT Cable and Data Installations. This is an area of work which is a slightly further diversion of the services we currently provide and would involve separate management, staff and training in order to be integrated into our business.
From the very beginning we have always encouraged training programmes for both trade and management staff and will continue to do so. We have recognised a shortage of training within the industry, which we feel will restrict companies in the future. We have therefore introduced a training programme which will be steadily increased over the next few years, where we will be employing young people who have completed their full time education, to a level where we believe they can be trained into our Business. The areas where we are currently implementing this training is in Commercial, Estimation, Buying and CAD. We are confident that this programme will produce newly qualified and competent staff from both the training gained from our existing qualified and skilled staff in each department, along with gaining the academic qualifications from colleges who run the appropriate courses.
The natural expansion of our business will require regional offices to be set up in strategic locations where our current office finds it difficult to service. This will allow us to tender for Projects in areas outside of our regular geographical locations.